Problem and Solution


The Problem

Reno, “The Biggest Little City in the World,” has a little bit of a big homeless problem. So does our surrounding area. On any given day in Washoe County, as many as 800 people are without a home. More than 1 in 7 lives below the poverty line. Some 63,000 people regularly go hungry. And thousands struggle with addictions. Overall, our local homeless statistics have slightly declined over the last year or so. But the number of homeless families doubled from 2012 to 2013. You might have an idea that the homeless population is made up of jobless veterans, drug addicts, and the mentally ill. But families don’t typically fall into any of those categories. These are often hardworking people who have lost their jobs, faced a foreclosure, been hammered by medical expenses, or any other hardship that could strike any of us, at any time.

And remember: Homeless families means homeless children. Dozens of kids, at least, are getting by on one meal or less per day. Some end up sleeping outside every night.

What can we do about these things? And more: What’s YOUR role?

The Solution

The Reno-Sparks Gospel Mission is dedicated to overcoming homelessness, addiction, hunger and poverty in the Northern Nevada area. We’re here to meet people at their point of pain. Once we’ve got them stabilized, we’ll work on spiritual issues, employment, social services and counseling. We look at each person as a whole.

In 2013 alone, the Mission served more than 400,000 hot meals. Provided 50,000 shelter beds to keep men, women and children off the streets. Gave away 75,000 pieces of clothing.

But we can’t do it without your support. The Mission relies entirely on the generous gifts of individuals, families, churches, foundations and businesses that share this vision and care about the downtrodden. Because of faithful friends who support the Mission, we offer:

  • 150 warm, clean beds for men, women and children
  • more than 400,000 meals served every year
  • an addiction recovery program for men and women
  • a men’s shelter and women’s shelter
  • emergency lodging (for men, women and children)
  • transitional/rental housing
  • four thrift stores
  • a variety of outreach services

Won’t you join us in this vital mission of helping our homeless neighbors? You can do so with a financial gift, by donating items, and/or by volunteering. And don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.