Meet Liese

Liese is celebrating Easter with JOY – because of you!

“I didn’t think there was a purpose to anything.”

When Liese looks back on her childhood, she can’t recall a single moment she felt safe. Her father died of complications from alcoholism when she was 10, and her mentally imbalanced mother refused to get help. There was only deceit, sickness and chaos.

To escape, Liese began drinking at 15 and it eventually became a part of her daily life. In her early 20s, she often faced homelessness and moved from shelter to shelter. Then, Liese discovered she was expecting a child.

“I stopped drinking during my pregnancy. It was the longest I’d ever been sober,” she admits. Sadly, after her son was born, Liese started again. As she began to spiral, someone convinced her to try meth.

One day, when her son was off with another family member, Liese was using and experienced a frightening moment. She sensed reality slipping away and was unable to form thoughts. She worried she might die.

Answering her desperate call for help, a Mobile Outreach Safety Team (MOST) officer delivered Liese to the Mission. After stabilizing in rehab, Liese entered our C.A.R.E. Program, where she found recovery.

“The Mission taught me how the Lord sees me, and how to see myself in that way.”

Through our Christ-centered classes and mentoring, Liese overcame hopelessness. Although she’s still careful when choosing who to trust, she’s thriving in the lasting friendships made at the Mission.

“Before, I didn’t think there was a purpose to anything. I believed I was going to exist in misery until I died. Now, I have a future!” she beams.

Mature and steadfast in her faith, Liese is ready for what’s next. She plans to follow her dreams of giving back by helping others.

Thank you for sharing God’s love with Liese this Easter. Her life has been renewed through the joy and hope of the Gospel! “God, through this Mission, saved my life. My gratitude is overflowing – everyone here will always have a place in my heart.”

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