Success Stories

Success Stories

Thank you for giving Brice a new beginning. 

Because of you, he has joy in his heart this Easter!

Brice had to get away from the negative influences in his life – but he didn’t know how. All his friends were involved in drugs; it was what he was used to. If he was going to break free from addiction, he’d need help. 

Brice had gotten involved with the wrong crowd as a teenager. It put a strain between him and his family, and Brice started turning to his friends more and more for emotional support. But the people he thought were his friends didn’t have his best interests at heart.

“I realized they just saw me as someone they could use to help transport their drugs. That really hit home, because they were all I had. It made me feel lonely, like no one wanted to be around me,” he says. “It was a really dark time in my life.”

The answer to Brice’s prayer for a new life came when he was arrested. Part of his release agreement was that he come to the Mission and join our Addiction Recovery Program.

“The minute I got to the Mission I was joyous. I was just so glad to be here.”

“I knew I could stay sober. I knew I could do good with my life. I just needed to give it all to God. I needed to learn His will for my life.”

Brice began to thrive as part of our recovery program. He started addressing shame from his past, and he found purpose in leading the food pantry ministry at the Mission. He’s still healing, but now he has hope for his future. He’s even planning to go to college! 

“I used to see myself as a disgrace. As someone who was not worth being around. I thought the world was just better off without me,” Brice says. “Now, I see myself in a completely different light.”

With Jesus’ love in his heart and hope for the future, Brice is grateful for your support this Easter. “I know that God loves me. I can be a light that shines in this world for Him.”

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