Meet Kyle

“I Can Picture a Future for Myself” “I Was 110 Pounds and Completely Lost.” Kyle is one of those guys most people would never imagine falling into addiction and homelessness. He was raised in a Christian home. He graduated from high school with honors. And he was cruising through college, just a semester shy of his


Meet Vickie

“I GAVE ALL MY WORRIES TO GOD.” “When I Came to RSGM, All the Weight of the World Was Lifted Off of Me.” From a young age Vickie struggled with depression, and didn’t know how to cope.  “My parents were recovering addicts, and there was a lot of drinking all the


Meet Seth

“The Mission Is a Miracle to Me” “I Quickly Learned That This Is a Place That Changes People’s Lives.” My name is Seth and when I was 14 years old, my stepdad was sent to prison and my mom lost custody of my two younger sisters. Everything felt like it was falling apart.


Meet Jillian

“I’m Happy with Who I’m Becoming” “Thank You for Your Support of This Place.” My name is Jillian, and I was introduced to meth when I was just 14. I was at a party and when I went into the bathroom, these older girls were snorting something. I didn’t know what it was. But they seemed


Meet Chelsea

 “I Want God IN MY LIFE.” “I Found Myself at the Mission. I Now Feel Peace and Joy… and a New Sense of Wonder” Chelsea felt good… it had been several days since her last drink. But as she continued with her day, she started to feel a little strange. She


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